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Wealth Building

Accumulate funds for your dream goals.

  • 30 minutes
  • Free Consultation
  • In-person or Online Meeting

Service Description

Wealth building is like a journey to your dream destination. We decide where to go. We also consider how to reach it. Wealth building is the process of defining your financial goals and the customized solutions to achieve them. This involves a 3-step process. 1. DEFINING YOUR TARGETS This is the destination. The goal. For some, it is their retirement plan. For others, it may be the education fund for preferred universities. The future value of an expense will be determined based on known information such as the cost today, how long the preparation period is, and the rate this amount eeded may change over time. 2. INVESTOR PROFILING This is where we determine your preferences in your wealth bulding journey. Each individual has a unique behavior towards wealth building and its associated financial risks. In this stage, your investing personality will be revealed. We will use these parameters as a guide in choosing the ideal financial solutions for you. Aggressive investor? Conservative investor? Somewhere in between? All are valid profiles and an investing strategy will be designed based on these profiles. 3. CUSTOMIZING AN INVESTMENT STRATEGY A financial target may look big and unattainable. With compounding interests gained over time from an investment plan, it will be more manageable than you think. In this stage, we define the amount to be invested regularly, the types of financial instruments to invest in, how often the investment should be made, and for how long. ----------------------------------------- How do you eat an elephant? As the famous proverb wisely suggests, "One bite at a time" Let's enjoy the feast.

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