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Financial Loss Reduction

How financial solutions can prevent poverty due to life's risks

  • 30 min
  • Free Consultation

Service Description

Risks are events that can happen at any time and may leave an undesirable lasting effect. When applied to our financial health, these are events that can lead to poverty. Financial Loss Reduction is a two-step process. It involves: 1. RISK IDENTIFICATION An unexpected critical illness. Untimely loss of life. These are examples of risks that will happen. The big unknown is when. By recognizing that we cannot avoid most of life's risks, the bigger, more important concern now is how can we lessen the burden and how soon can we turn toward recovery? 2. RISK MITIGATION Risk mitigation is a strategy that can lessen the negative effects of risks on our financial stability if they happen. As a financial risk planner, I can help you understand your priority risks and navigate your way around them. A solution that will replace cash spent during times of health crisis? A solution that can support our suriving family for years to come? There is no such thing as a one size fits all backup plan. A personalized plan however is the next best thing to perfect.

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