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Financial Plans

How can I help?

Each of us has unique financial priorities.  My role is to get to know your goals and design solutions with your best interest in mind. 

The philosophy I apply in every financial plan design is simple yet effective.  First, identify and mitigate risks.  Next, pursue growth. 


Combining the technical and process skills gained from wealth management certification institutions, deep knowledge of the Sun Life suite of insurance and investments solutions, and experience gained from the many clients I've partnered with over the years, you can be assured that every advisory and design I render is carefully thought of with high standards of stewardship and integrity.

My commitment.  A fiduciary relationship with all valued partners.

Consultancy Services

Financial goals can be achieved through the application of one or a combination of financial planning disciplines. Learn more about what takes place in each of these domains and how they can help in your planned milestones.

Financial Risk Management

Some risks are unavoidable. A health crisis.  The untimely loss of life. Should you be worried? Not if you have a backup plan.

Investments Planning

Building funds for your dream goals?  With a well-crafted plan implemented with professional guidance, it's actually less daunting than you think.

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Wealth Preservation

Your hard-earned wealth is meant to be used for a specific purpose. How you intend to from the very beginning.  Let's ensure this happens.

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Business Insurance & Corporate Solutions

Ensure Business Continuity and Promote Employee Engagement

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“Highly recommended! Shares valuable insights! Sincerely intends to help!  You are in good hands with Getty”

J. Wongyu, Senior IT Professional

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Schedule a consultation, face-to-face or online, to learn more about the financial plans best suited for you.

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