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About Me


Professional Background 


Getty completed his Electronics and Communications Engineering Bachelor's degree at De Lasalle University-Manila.  He is a multi-awarded Sun Life financial planner and a member of the elite Sun Life Maculay Club.  He is an active mentee of Melvin J. Esteban, Founder and CEO of WeLead Financial Advisory Group and (former) Head of Wealth Management of Citibank N.A.


Aside from being a licensed financial planner, he is an IT professional with 16 years of experience in the technical, management, and commercial aspects of IT consulting.


  • Certified Investment Solicitor, Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines

  • Insurance Adviser, Insurance Commission Philippines

  • Certified Wealth Planner, Wealth Management Center for Communications and Research, Inc.

  • Certified Estate Planner Philippines, Wealth Management Center for Communications and Research, Inc.

  • Project Management Professional, Project Management Institute

  • Electronics and Communications Engineer, Philippine Regulation Commission


Getty specializes in requirements analysis (financial needs analysis), risk management, investment planning, investment fundamental analysis, intergenerational wealth strategies and formation, and financial solution design.

Who we Help

Every financially-responsible individual looking for quality professional partnerships with a licensed financial planner.

How we Do It

An intimate discussion where your financial requirements, personality, and available resources are thoroughly assessed.  All these elements are key to a sustainable financial plan customized uniquely for you.

What's in It for You

Top-notch advisory services rendered on the principles of stewardship and fiduciary relationships.  

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